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AMA (Ask Me Anything ) was conducted with Kucoin on 27 March 2020 at 3:30 PM UTC live on our telegram group .

We were joined with Senior Partner of KuCoin,Alicia .Though there were hundreds of questions asked by the community but because of lack of time Alicia could not answer to everyone.

Questions from theblockcircle team :

Q.What is your strategy about COVID19?

First of all, we are very concerned about COVID19 and have prepared an epidemic prevention plan. At the time of the outbreak in China, we donated urgently needed medical supplies, and now that the outbreak is spreading around the world, we are also exploring how to support the worst-affected countries.

At the same time, the development of the coronavirus has also given blockchain technology more attention and opportunities. Blockchain technology has also provided new ideas for coronavirus prevention.

Q. What makes investors, customers, and user feel safe when working with kuCoin?

That’s a good question. We have many security mechanisms to protect our users and our system is quite stable and reliable. And we are working with many security companies like Chainalysis and white hats to improve our security level. I cannot say too much as the hackers may read my response as well. But for sure trading on KuCoin is pretty safe.

Q. What can we expect from you now at KuCoin?

Recently, we will launch a series of new products, followed by a series of feedback activities, welcoming everyone to participate. As the Head of VIP relations , I have been committed to the reasonable allocation of crypto assets for clients.

In the case of market failure, governments of all countries have adopted quantitative monetary easing policies, and traditional financial markets should be able to weather the crisis. The biggest reason for the birth of Bitcoin is to counter the government’s excessive banknote issuance. If the fiat currency recurrence occurs due to the outbreak of the financial crisis, it will be good for Bitcoin in the long run, plus the halving of Bitcoin is approaching.

The long-term earnings of the Bitcoin market are promising. It can be reasonably configured according to individual circumstances, but investment has risks. Everyone must do a senior risk assessment and identify their own safety mats.

Q. You talked about how to enhance users experience at exchange, can you tell us what are those?

We have many mechanisms to help users improve their trading experience,for example,to help users quickly deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency, and to complete the arbitrage between multiple exchanges, we have some assets on other exchanges to help make exchanges more convenient.

Q. What is KuCoins’s plan for its currency, KCS, today and in the future?

Empowering KCS and improving its intrinsic value is a long-term strategy at KuCoin. KCS is the native token of KuCoin and it will also be the native token of KuChain, the public chain developed by KuCoin. Currently, KCS holders could use the token to pay trading fees, get daily bonus, enjoy VIP benefits and more. As the KuChain main net launches later this year, we will update the KCS bonus plan to bring more benefits to KCS holders. Stay tuned!

Community Questions :

Q. What are the advantage of being a KucoinVip?

The advantages of being a VIP of KuCoin include enjoying transaction fees up to 80 %, Personal KuCoin birthday gifts, One to one client manager assistance, Withdraw limit upgrade, Participate in VIP exclusive campaigns and much more of course!

Q. What are your plans for future? How did #KuCoin deal with Covid-19?

Planning for the future is essential, currently me and my team are working to increase KuCoin’s user divercification, I hope to expand our user community all around the world, so more people have access to our financial services. With more global coverage I believe blockchain’s decentralizing purpose is being fulfilled. As for the virus, we managed our operations in the pravicy of our homes so nobody can get in contact to prevent the spread.

Q. Most investors only focus on the price of the token in the short term instead of the real value of the project. Can Kucoin tell me the benefits of holding KCS for long-term investors?

KCS is the intrinsic value is being improved the moment we launched KuCoin, its value is of great importance to us. It can be used to trade, pay for transaction fees, and to be lock postioned so users may become our VIP and enjoy VIP benefits. It is essential and plays a big part for users trading on our platform. So holding KCS for long term investor I can say with confidence will bear much fruition.

Q. Your metamorphosis is a laudable one, how have you been able to survive this longest bear market and continue building and developing cos many projects have died out in this time period

The KuCoin thrives in challenging situations, we define ourselve in times of crisis. We are always improving our products and services to better provide our clients. I believe we made it through the bearish market by careful panning and excutions. I cannot reveal much about our methods and such. but I do like to point out that, KuCoin’s team spirit and we goal of being in the forefront of decentralized finance lead us through.

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