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KuCoin launches Incentivized Referral Program

Popular crypto exchange KuCoin has launched its latest incentivized referral program named Gold Rush to promote and popularize cryptocurrencies.

The program which was announced on the 25th of May is aimed at utilizing the resources and industry influence of the KuCoin platform.

According to the exchange, crypto fans and enthusiasts are eligible to participate in the promotion of the KuCoin brand with mutual benefits for both the exchange and the participants.

While industry influencers such as user communities, social media influencers are also enjoined by the exchange to participate.

Participants can register to become a Gold Hunter within the span of three months: May 25th  to August 25th.  While commissions would be paid three months after registering in the form of  USDT.

KuCoin OTC Trading to Support Canadian dollars

KuCoin continues to add more fiat currency to its OTC trading platform with the latest being the listing of Canadian dollars (CAD).

The exchange revealed that it had enabled support for CAD on its OTC trading desk and users would be able to use the fiat to purchase cryptocurrencies such as BTC, USDT and CADH.

This would be the fourth mainstream fiat currency to be supported by the KuCoin OTC trading desk following the addition of the Chinese Yuan (CNY), Vietnamese Dong (VND) and  Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

Canada is one of the countries that are among the pioneers in the crypto industry with good regulatory system, high-speed internet and low-cost energy. It is also expected to follow the steps of China as a blockchain and cryptocurrency centre.

The addition of CAD to KuCoin OTC trading desk bodes well for the exchange as millions of crypto enthusiasts in the country will be able to purchase cryptocurrencies easily. In addition, it also further promote robust development in the cryptocurrency field in this region.

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