MASSIVE FLUX, SYSCOIN, INJ moves!! Tezos makes it to GRAMMY!! HUGE Kava updates!!

MASSIVE FLUX, SYSCOIN, INJ moves!! Tezos makes it to GRAMMY!! HUGE Kava updates!!

Meta Platforms is putting WhatsApp to work in CRYPTO!! Injective Labs (INJ) is launching one of the BIGGEST TOKEN BURNS EVER!! Flux token RALLYING HARD despite the market dip, Syscoin is the latest BLOKTOPIA tenant. Tezos lands another BIG NFT PARTNER!! Microsoft has its own NFT’s in the works, Efinity hustling for POLKADOT PARACHAIN SLOT!! and Kava has an EXCITING CROSS-CHAIN INTEGRATION!! Get your crypto news here!!

0:00 Major Headlines
0:38 Introduction
1:15 WhatsApp Crypto Payments
1:55 Injective Protocol Token Burn
2:43 Tezos Grammys
3:36 Microsoft NFT Investment
4:19 Efinity Parachain Voting
4:43 Flux Token Rally
5:20 Syscoin x Bloktopia
6:08 Kava x Nervos Network

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