‘Merry Christmas’—Shock $300 Million Binance Bombshell Could Be About To Hit The Price Of Bitcoin And Crypto – Forbes


Bitcoin BTC and cryptocurrency prices have been sent sharply lower by the ongoing FTX crisis that could be about to engulf other major crypto companies.

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The bitcoin price has plunged to lows not seen for more than two years, with the $2 trillion crypto crash triggering a stark global financial crisis warning and fears swirling around FTX rival Binance.

Now, Justin Sun, the founder of crypto network tron and one of crypto’s best-known public figures, has plowed $300 million into bitcoin and crypto exchange Binance over the last month in a desperate attempt to calm spiraling crypto market fears.

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“Merry Christmas,” Sun posted to Twitter in response to an automated account reporting a $200 million tether transfer from Sun to Binance. Earlier this month, Sun deposited $100 million into Binance in an attempt to shore up the exchange’s finances.

“In the past, Binance has been through a lot of crises,” Sun told Coindesk last week, adding he always wants to “help Binance grow and show confidence” in the company.

Binance has seen billions of dollars worth of withdrawals in recent weeks as traders yank funds from the platform amid fears it could suffer the same fate as FTX and causing some to warn users to “remove their funds immediately.”

Earlier this month, Binance chief executive Changpeng “CZ” Zhao warned the “crypto winter” isn’t over yet and said he expects “the next several months to be bumpy.” However, CZ predicted Binance “will survive any crypto winter.”

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CZ went on to dismiss Binance instability accusations as nothing more than “jealous” FUD [fear, uncertainty and doubt] spread by rivals in a Twitter thread.

Coinbase COIN chief executive Brian Armstrong has issued a similar warning, saying he expects there to be “more contagion” from the FTX collapse before the crisis comes to an end.

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