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Mirror — an Ethereum-based decentralized blogging platform — is now open to the public after months of running voter-based content contributions only. 

Mirror was officially unveiled late last year as a decentralized platform for writers to publish crypto-related blog posts. To gain access to the platform, writers were voted into the weekly writing competitions using WRITE — a native cryptocurrency token.  

In a week, Mirror accepted about ten content writers.  

But the old rules have since changed. Through an announcement made on Thursday, Mirror said they’re now opening doors to anyone with an Ethereum wallet and address. 

Mirror contributors are in control of their published content, which is stored in a decentralized blockchain. Large commercial blogging platforms store their content in company servers instead — a common practice mirrored across the world. 

Mirror contributions are cryptographically secure 

The decentralized blockchain locks users published content in a cryptographically secure “place” that’s free from modifications and corruption. If users wish to exit Mirror, they can leave with all their (content) data intact. 

“Mirror has evolved from a tool for writers to a full-stack web3 creative suite for communities and DAOs,” the Mirror team said. 

Before contributing to the Mirror or embedding media blocks — such as NFTs (non-fungible tokens), social media posts, or videos — to the blogging platform, writers need to first connect to an Ethereum wallet. 

Users can also import Medium or Substack blog posts to Mirror’s blogging platform. And they can equally share and fund their written content using Mirror and the platform’s integration of Ethereum addresses. 

Users can mint their blog posts as “Entry Editions” — a way of creating content NFTs and monetizing them. 

Mirror content creators to receive additional incentives 

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum co-founder, and several other Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (or DAOs) like Aave Grants DAO used Mirror this year to publish content. 

A documentary featuring the development of Ethereum used the blogging platform in July to raise nearly 1,036 Ether tokens from a Mirror crowdfund. 

Mirror content writers that contributed to the platform using the old vote-based contribution process — or WRITE Race — are eligible for an additional incentive such as staking. The protocol’s native WRITE token is yet to be listed on major crypto exchanges despite boasting publishing power on the blogging platform. 

The WRITE token plans to launch integrations with the Ethereum Name Service and even introduce new features such as an improved editing interface, feeds, and subscriptions. 

For the record, don’t confuse the Mirror blogging platform with Mirror Finance, which is a decentralized finance protocol that uses the MIR token ticker. 

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