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AMA (Ask Me Anything ) was conducted with NDN Link on 12 May 2020 at 11:00 AM UTC live on our telegram group .

About NDN Link :

NDN Link is an innovative, content-centric, and self-organizing Internet relying on the Named Data Networking (NDN) project that was initiated by the National Science Foundation .

Through the combination of open-source NDN technology, and blockchain technology, NDN Link shifts from a “Data Transmission Tube” to a “Content Distribution Platform” to build a content-centric next generation of the Internet.

Twitter questions :

Q. To what extent did covid-19 affect you and the project, have your plans for 2020 been changed due to Covid-19?

It was challenging of course, just like for any other project out there, lots of companies have gone out of business and people are losing their jobs .

but luckily, we were prepared for unexpectancies during the development of the project, so from the financial point of view, our balance sheets were strong enough to get through COVID-19 .

our team is also very motivated by the technology we’re building so even though we had to work in isolation for a while it didn’t affect our spirit 🙂

Q. They has been a lot of projects that has failed in the crypto market, so what makes your #Ndnlink projects different and what guarantee do you have in it that it will survive the crypto space?

I don’t think any project out there can guarantee it will survive, there can be a great level of confidence which we also have, but there’s no guarantee, especially in the space we’re in .

our confidence stems from the technology we’re building and the team .

the technology we’re introducing has never been introduced in the crypto world and there have been tests by the NDN scientific research team as to the efficiency of the NDN protocol .

the results were that NDN protocol always outperformed the TCP/IP protocol .

so the data gives us confidence in the strength of the technology and with each phase of our development process we’ll do our best to increase the positive results in order to bring more confidence to our community and anyone who’s interested in NDN Link .

Q.The market today has a lot of development projects on the Blockchain platform, One of the factors that makes the platform appealing to many users is its special flexibility, what are the flexibilities of #NDN?

To adopt the NDN Protocol worldwide or on a small network you don’t need to change the whole infrastructure, especially hardware .

the infrastructure can remain as we have now with TCP/IP, NDN can run as an overlay for TCP/IP without making drastic changes to the infrastructure .

just like TCP/IP once ran as an overlay for the telephone lines .

this is basically one of NDN Link’s flexibility 🙂

Q. For a non-techie user, how would you simply describe the benefit NDN Link brings crypto ecosystem?

there are many examples that we can touch upon, I’ll illustrate one of them: if you ever had interruptions during your live streams, glitches, audio distortion, connection timeouts, server downtime or just when watching a video online if you experienced those problems NDN Link can solve them .

and the way NDN Link solves them is by addressing the root cause of these issues that are associated with the TCP/IP Protocol .

NDN Link moves away from central servers and eliminates redundancies on the network .

Data is not stored in one place, it could be anywhere even on the router that is nearest to you .

NDN will fetch if for you from there instead of constantly overloading the network and the server with millions of redundant calls .

Q. What is the difference between P2P, NDN and CDN? Which one will be more useful and easier to handle for users, considering those who do not handle technology very well?

P2P are Peer to Peer Networks like Bittorrent as an example. Used for content sharing between the nodes of the network without relying on the central server .

NDN is Named Data Networking a Network Protocol. Just like TCP/IP is a Network Protocol .

CDN Content Delivery Network for effective content distribution .

Each of these server different purposes, NDN can help enhance P2P network as well as Content Delivery Networks, because both P2P and CDN rely on the TCP/IP protocol and NDN replaces the TCP/IP protocol .

Community Questions :

Q. What place does the America National Science Foundation occupy and why have they decided to support you? What have been the advances since this association?

good question, NSF initially supported scientists of the NDN project, which was back in 2010. NDN Link however, collaborated with team members of that initial project and adopted their open-source code, and then combined that with the blockchain and that’s how NDN Link was born.

Q. NDN Link project really working very great & also dones many Partnerships& Collaboration with great projects like panasolic, intel ETC So, Whats the Future Plans & Roadmap of NDN Link for Adoption & Awareness for attracting more Users & Businesses ?

Our plan is to create a solid infrastructure that popular business and brands out there would be able to use in order to enhance their online applications. Specifically, anything that’s related to live streams. Right now, this is our main area of focus, because there’s an increasing demand on the market for that right now. While the demand is there, the current infrastructure cannot satisfy it efficiently.then later on,perhaps, we’ll create applications of our own

Q. How much “advantages” have NDN link over the typical centric servers, In terms of performance ? Is really better?

Why the maximum amount to get NDN tokens in Okex is 670,000 and not more?

in terms of numbers , the most recent example that comes to my mind is the experiment done for gaming, in a multi-player environment with 4 nodes. NDN’s efficiency was 60% higher than TCP/IP .

this occurs because redundancies in synchronization for static and dynamic objects are reduced drastically in comparsion to TCP/IP .

in other words, to synchronize the gaming environment with TCP/IP you have to make a call to multiple server each time there’s a change in the game state, with NDN the game state could be synchronized from the cached data on the routers .

Q. I see the ecosystem of NDNLink is very large, there are many great partners that are constantly cooperating. How is the project able to do so? Can you tell us about it?

truthfully, it wasn’t that hard to convince for these partners to collab with us because the technology and the numbers that back it up speaks for itself. I personally, was also convinced relatively easy to join the team, because I saw that this is something that could define the next phase of the Internet .

Q. The principal problem of all IP/TCP models is the low privacy, With only have your IP number anyone can track you, so how you affront this problem? NDN link is a good chose in term of PRIVACY and ANONYMITY?

What is the difference Between NDN link Routers and the Google servers Distributed Around the world? Basically is the same concept or not?

in the NDN Network, there is no IP. There is only the NAME of the data on the network that you want to fetch. This could be achieved because NDN uses the same namespaces that online application uses. In other words, instead of converting the requests in human language to the IP address and finding the location of the IP address where the data sits, NDN simply uses the same namespaces of the application from where the request is coming from and by that name it searches the content you need on the network.

Q. Present Internet lags a lot, how do you solve this problem through NDN Link, and other such problems such as lack of privacy?

a brief example why a lag can occur. Let’s say you’re doing a live YouTube stream. Your video goes through the YT server and then to the users. In TCP/IP each user needs to make calls to the sever for every second of the video that is produced by you. In NDN this is not needed. The content of the live stream is cached on the routers of the network, and if someone within your network is viewing that live stream it will be cached on their router, so NDN Link will find where that router is and get the data from there, and the next user will be able to do the same from your router, etc. This way we don’t overload the server and glitches disappear 🙂

Q. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to hold #NDN token long term? What plans do you have to help drive demand and scarcity for the token ?

Not advising anyone on what to invest in or how long to hold their assets, but in my personal opinion, holding an NDN token could have a global impact because the NDN technology could potentially be used by all users of the Internet. Having said that, a portion of those users might find it interesting to explore the NDN project and potentially invest in the token, thus driving its value up.

Q. Can you explain the Purpose of Two types of Transmission Packet in the NDN network i.e. Interest Packet & Data Packet?

yes, an Interest Packet is you expressing Interest to the Network by saying: find me a video named X, NDN will take the name “X” and will search where that video resides on the Network, once found it will then deliver a Data Packet back to you with that video. It doesn’t matter where the video, what server, etc. is as long as we know the name of the video .

Q. The NDN tokens is it totally necessary to perform the platform? What other limitations will this platform have in order to be used??

yes, the blockchain and cryptocurrency are inseparable, it’s a whole technology. Just like any blockchain and crypto out there.

Q. Is there any plan to makes partnership with local cryptocurency developers from each country to makes NDN usage more worldwide?

yes, we are open to smart developers joining our team, if you believe in the technology and want to contribute in your own way, please let us know .

Q. What did NDNLink do to minimize the possibility of information theft but also encrypt all user data packets sent over the Internet?

each piece of data produced on the NDN network would be cryptographically signed at the NETWORK LAYER. We have cryptography right now in the blockchain space, however, it’s not being used at the Network Layer where the data is traveling. Right now, with TCP/IP you have data traveling through the network in a raw form, unencrypted. Only the server from where it’s traveling and the client where it’s traveling to are secure but the data is not, so if you hack either one, then the data is compromised. We address that with each data packet by default, only the parties that have the necessary keys can decrypt the data.also the data is immutable, meaning there are no 2 identical pieces of data on the network .

Q. Will every country in the world have the opportunity to be part of the NDN Linkservices? How many countries are currently related to?

we hope yes, unless there are restrictions to internet access .

Q. NDN was founded on January 2019, it’s kinda still new project. But How NDN evaluate your project progress that’s bring impact on crypto community till todays?

NDN Link is relatively new, but the NDN protocol as mentioned before was developed since 2010 .

you can think of at as this. Linux is open-source and developers can create their own flavors of Linux. So NDN is open-source and we created a flavor of our own with NDN Link, with the help of blockchain.

with a specific focus on data transmission that would potentially help online video streaming in a Content Distributed Network .

simply because more and more people want crystal clear, crisp, 4k and up 🙂 video quality with no interruptions .

Q. Can you share your experience and journey with the NDNLink project?
What is the biggest achievement you are most proud of?

having a conversation with you guys, that’s what matters. If you find value in what we do, everyone benefits .

Q. Why did you decide to choose OKEx exchange rather than the other exchanges?
What are the benefits that OKEx brings to NDN Link and vice versa?

we expressed our interest to OKEx and they found value in our tech, so it was a mutual feeling 🙂 OKEx is a great platform that would potentially help us spread the good news about NDN Link .

Q. I have been involved with a lot of AMAs from different projects but they talked about the bright and good aspects of their projects so as a person from the famous #NDN Link project you have something unhappy about your product and how to fix it in the future?

what would make me unhappy is if people won’t see the value, no so much because the technology falls short, but because I may not convey it in practical terms to everyone. So that’s my #1 priority as of now to deliver the value, so that everyone would see it in their own way .

Q. Can you tell usthe main TARGETED userbase of NDN Link ?
Is it Businesses, Corporates, Developers,etc?
& also, which are the important SERVICES are provided by NDN link to users ?

From the technology standpoint we are targeting businesses first, because we want them to be early adopters of the technology. If they adopt NDN Link and see that it saves them money and the system works better then the users would feel it and everyone wins. From the investment standpoint we are open to anyone who finds the project useful and wants to benefit from it by investing in the token, but that is solely up to the discretion of the community.

Q. Do you really guarantee consumers interest packets will arrive at the producer in the same order as expressed
? How do you get that?

What is the greatest benefit that NDN brings to the community?

each data packet has a label attached, that label contains the information about the requester, NDN will take the reverse path from where the packet arrived .

also when an Interset(request) is sent it checks the packets on the network for it’s version and freshness, if it’s outdated or doesn’t match it send a request further to get an updated one.

Q. What do you think is the biggest problem NDN link will solve that no other project is solving now,And how do you overcome the threat of centralization in NDN link?

hopefully, we’ll be able to make all internet users all over the world less pissed when their favorite live steam or movie or whatever it is their watching is freezing, glitching, hanging and interrupting like it is now with TCP/IP .

Q. What are #NDN’s top priorities? And what steps will be taken in the future?

top priority is to spread the good news about our project and continue improving our tech according to the roadmap. If you guys find value in what we do, a share on your SM or however you like, would extremely help us.

Q. What are the competitive advantage of NDN link over existing or potential future solutions?Can you explain about your roadmap and what’s your future plans for #NDN link team development?

that would be a loaded answer on it’s own 🙂 I advise the community to please consider this brief overview of our roadmap, and then maybe on our next AMA’s I’ll go into more details on that. .

Q. What Does NDN mean?
Also what is the usage of $NDN in the platform?

Named Data Networking. Fetching data by NAME and not by the IP address.

Q. What is your background and how did you come to the idea to create your project?

What is so special about $NDN compared to other projects?

we are doing something that has never been done before especially in the crypto community. In other words, there hasn’t been a single, complete rollout of a crypto project with the NDN tech

Q. Does the NDN Link project seek to position itself instead of the standard TCP / IP channels? Or are you simply looking to help and improve your services, beneficiaries of the security and decentralization of users?

we are looking to bring value to businesses and users by addressing the problems they are facing with the Internet because of the IP protocol. Any device on the network uses IP, so NDN can potentially address the problems of any types of networks, CDN’s, IoT’s, Social Media, etc.

Q. How safe is NDN ? Is it enough to make users safe, reduce the risk of losing money and personal information?

yes, for example, now when you go on a website, you get a set of certificates in your browser that say the website is secure. But what if the certificates are forged? Or the server is hacked? You will end up getting harmful data from a trusted source 😱

with NDN it’s not possible, even if the sever is hacked the data itself cannot be compromised because of the cryptographic seal!

only the parties that have the necessary keys can decrypt it, and again it’s different from the blockchain cryptography that we have now, not so much because of the algorithm but because it’s done at the NETWORK LAYER .

Q. As a founder, what do you think about those unrealistic and deceptive projects out there?
How important and important is NDNLINK to you?

not the founder, I’m the CMO 🙂 any project that deceives its users will not survive long term, it has been proven. We are looking to be in this for the long haul.

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