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ISTANBUL, Turkey, June 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —


announced that their token will be tradable on the Coinsbit Exchange from August 2nd. NetCoinCapital is a TRC20 cryptocurrency token based on the Tron blockchain platform. The company’s vision is to achieve great Technologies.

The Netcoin tokens can currently only be purchased from the NetCoinCapital website, but will soon also be available for purchase at

Coinsbit exchange starting August 2nd


The short-term goals of this company are to provide and create a suitable infrastructure in the context of a decentralized economy. And one of its long-term goals is to build a special processor core.

Part of the description of this processor is in the white paper of this currency code, but a complete description of it has not been provided yet. With the computational power mentioned in the white paper, it can be similar to quantum processors or their competitors to know.

The company has also announced that it intends to introduce a new programming language for this processor, and has referred to it as a computer colloquial language, and has placed it in a new category of a computer language called the future language.

Several projects are running in parallel, including the construction of a dedicated wallet, a dedicated exchange office, and the construction of an environmentally friendly blockchain with the local coin.

Significant news is being spread by the NetCoinCapital

outlining its good performance over the past year.

About Netcoin Capital

Netcoin Capital is a blockchain-based startup. A decentralized global operating system with infinite processing power, Netcoin Capital is trying to take a step in designing and building a new generation of processors. The processors that the company is studying, will turn each of the home devices into a supercomputer.

About Coinsbit Exchange

Coinsbit is a legit, secure, and reliable cryptocurrency exchange based in Estonia. The exchange was named the “best trading platform launched in 2018” at Blockchain Life 2019 Asia. With 73 active markets, the exchange does pretty well for itself as it is ranked 29th among the top-rated exchanges by 24h trading volume.

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