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OKEx Launches Elite trading competition

Leading crypto exchange OkEx has launched an Elite trading competition which offers users the opportunity to win 150,000 USDT in prize money.  The competition which has been in the works since mid-May is in its second phase.

The initial phase which began on May 15th and ran until May 22nd was for Leaders recruitment where OKEx selected top crypto traders/ trading groups within its community.  According to OKEx outstanding leaders were selected to form their own teams and lead their team members to win.

The second phase which is the team formation began on the 22nd of May and will run until the 29th of May. This phase is where team leaders begin to recruit other traders to join their teams and individual members can participate in the contest by trading futures, perpetual swap, options and spot/margin products to win the rewards.

The contest itself would begin from the 29th of May and run until June 12 2020. OKEx also has a popularity reward where each team would be ranked according to the number of effective traders in the team. The exchange quotes that traders with more than 10,000 USDT trading volume and KYC2 completion would be regarded as effective traders.

Prize incentives divided into three major categories

The price Incentives which total 150,000 USDT are divided into three major categories which are team rankings, individual rankings and the most popular captains. The team ranking rewards starts with 5000 USDT for the 6th to 10th position and rises to 20,000 USDT for the top team.

The Individual ranking starts at 300 USDT for the 11th to 20th position and rises to 5,000 USDT for the top position. While the top captain reward starts from 1000 USDT and rises to 10,000 USDT for the top positions.

Theblockcircle is one of the team leaders in the challenge and you can join our team by clicking the link here. In addition to joining theblockcircle team, you would be given free signals to trade.

It is important to note that to qualify for the contest, you will need to open an OKEx account.

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