Presearch Review: A search engine that pays you to browse

When it comes to web search engines, Google holds an unparallel dominance.  Presearch promises to break this dominance by offering a decentralized search engine. 

We would be making an objective preview of this novel blockchain-based project that threatens to disturb the mainstream dominance of Google.

Why decentralized search engines are important

The internet has connected the globe together in the past 20 years with different options for billions of users. Search engines have become an important aspect as many people depend on then to surf the internet. 

Google which controls 90 percent of the market has in recent years become less trustworthy with users data.  Google has been able to make users believe that what they type is what they get as results. 

However individual tests done by several researchers have revealed that Google results are self-serving and in some cases detrimental to the researcher.

This is no surprise as the company has become a multibillion-dollar firm and looks mostly at making profits. There have also been an increase in promotion of their own properties at the expenses of alternatives. 

Users are not able to get genuine results but doctored results which is justified behind their algorithms. 

What is Presearch 

Presearch is a decentralized search engine that enables users to be able to search the web without seeing much ads. 

Also the blockchain search engine offers users the opportunity to earn Presearch tokens when using its platform. 

Individual searches cost 0.25 Presearch tokens with users able to earn tokens for up to 32 searches daily. 

What are Presearch aims 

Presearch aims to correct current search engine flaws by developing a decentralized system where proper answers are provided to researchers and users.

Presearch states in its whitepaper that the platform is building an open decentralized search engine. The search engine is built on predefined rules from its community of users. 

This way it will be able to maintain transparency and fairness when bringing the result of searches. 

The platform aims to make a similar impact to that of Wikipedia. Which is by combining human curation with a unique scalable decentralized machine algorithm. 

This development will be Incentivized with its native token PRE that would reward users for making searches on its platform. 

Presearch also has ambitions of developing a search tool where users can switch to alternative search engines apart from Google. 

Presearch looking to build a community-powered search engine 

Presearch is looking to develop a community-powered search engine that would align with the interests of humanity. The blockchain platform believes that the community of users can create and fulfil its own search engine needs. 

The company strategy is to develop the project and execute consensus protocols that would enable an open-source search engine.  

This is achieved by utilizing a dual strategy with a decentralized search engine in the long run and a semi centralised search engine in the short run. 

Presearch funds operations through a transparent, unobtrusive advertising system that enables advertisers to bid on keywords and sponsor results.

 In version one, relevant ads are displayed within the search feld auto-suggest results. Ads are purchased using PREs via auction, driving usage within the ecosystem.

Presearch uses a unique sponsorship revenue sharing formula

Presearch will enable businesses and firms to connect with potential customers via Sponsored Suggestions. These promotional vehicles will be made available for purchase in an auction-based model using credits denoted in PREs.

These tokens will be issued out whenever a sponsored suggestion is viewed and an additional award collected when the sponsored suggestion is clicked. 

These awards would be shared between Presearch and members that viewed the promotion in addition with others that interacted with the promotion.

 Presearch members would also be able to make referrals and receive PRE when their links are clicked. PRE would be awarded for referred member signups, social media sharing and other activities that drive traffic to the platform.

Presearch Token Crowdsale

Presearch held a crowdsale of PRE tokens that ended in Novemeber 2017 and raised $16,000,000 making it one of the successful projects during that period of time 

Here’s how the issued tokens are distributed:

  • 5% sold in pre-sale
  • 20% sold to early adopters
  • 30% for future public sale
  • 30% allocated for distribution to reward usage, contribution to, and promotion of the platform
  • 15% retained by the dev, marketing and community teams

Presearch tokens (PRE) is listed on several exchanges

Presearch has since its inception tried to ensure that its token PRE is listed on several exchanges for trading purposes. Some of the exchanges include HitBTC with PRE/BTC trading pairs. YoBit with PRE/BTC and Coin Exchange which offers PRE trading pairs with BTC and ETH. 


Presearch has an excellent premise withs its aims of building a fully decentralized search engine. Its revenue-sharing formula is also an excellent feature which attracts several crypto enthusiasts. 

 However, the platform still needs to add several functionalities to its search engine and increase its promotion to get mainstream adoption. 

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