Project Hydro AMA tanscript

AMA (Ask Me Anything ) was conducted with project hydro on 8 January 2020 at 3:30 PM UTC live in our telegram group.

Participating team members from hydro were :

MARCOO : Director of Operations for Hydro Labs

Mark Anstead : Business Developer and Sales .

Tim : CTO of Hydro Labs .

It was one of the most successful and massive AMA that has ever been conducted on telegram .Few members reported that their telegram app hanged because of so many questions in less than a second.

More than 100 questions were asked during the AMA which took over 2 hrs to answer them to as many as possible.We had to mute the group because of short in time but we tried our best to take maximum questions .Hydro team tried their best to answer to as many questions as possible in deep.

Introductory questions are removed to make this transcript short and more worth reading .

Tell us how was 2019 for hydro and what u all have achieved despite of this bear market ?


2019 in my opion was very important for us. We had over a dozen community buit smart contracts created by the community to enhance the Hydro ecosystem. We launched the Hydro Snowflake dApp store to testnet, got our tokenzation protocol, Hail to mainnet, along with focusing deeply on our p2p Payments app and Vault, our storage solution. – For people not familiar with our dApp store, it is 100% open source and created by community developers and designers. It is powered by Snowflake, our identity protocol and runs on Hydro.


I would say 2019 went very well. I’ll grab a big recap of what occurred and what developments went on this past year. Lots of open source development, and product development went into the ecosystem. We are beyond thrilled with what we have accomplished and what the future holds for what we are enabling.

Your roadmap seems to be quite technical which clearly shows that the team is highly focused on building the product instead of adding exchanges listing and Announcement .So please make ur roadmap simple for members

And what does the word “airdrop” mean in the roadmap?


Since we do not want to be considered a security as an asset like many of the ICOs in the eyes of the US, we did not run an initial offering for the token.

Rather, we airdropped the token, essentially worthless at the time, to 12,000 verified developers from around the globe. We used the Github APIs to very users. This was our way of distributing the tokens initially in a fully compliant manner. Also, was a way of asking devs to build and be a part of the ecosystem moving forward.So, each of those users received 222,222 HYDRO 😃


From the airdrop, those developers were then encouraged to enhance the ecosystem which you can see from the participation in our community driven smart contracts like invoicing, gift cards, couponing, raindrop 2fa and more.

Specifically to our product director.

What are ur products which are live for the real use case and also tell us about products in pipeline?


Hydro Pay currently allows P2P gasless transfers of Hydro between users. In the near future it will allow unbanked merchants and users to transact using their local stable coins. Hydro Pay will also have remittance functionality added this quarter.

Next quarter Hydro Pay will allow for identity management, meaning users can store their identity documents securely in our zero knowledge cloud and give access to crypto exchanges for one-click onboarding without subjecting their data to getting hacked on exchange servers. This feature can also be used for one-click onboarding to banks, or applying for credit, or loans in the future.

Hydro Vault will begin testing in February which gives users private keyless security, blockchain based 2FA, rate limiters, whitelisting of addresses, biometric sign in security, and other features which gives the space a non-custodial cold wallet without the need for any additional hardware such as Ledger or Trezor, besides a user’s phone. We are now accepting early sign ups:

From our CTO :

why developers should choose hydro dapps when there are tons of them in the crypto space ?

What’s special feature ur are providing for developers?

Great question! From day one, when working on v2 of our dApp store, we wanted to simplify things. In this space there is new tools to learn, new vocabulary and more. It can be overwhelming to some. So we took a step back, really refined the design for ease of use and walked the user through the onboaridng process. From a developer perspective, we have been very focused on giving devs the tools they need to get right in there to develop. It is built on ReactJS, which at its core uses javascript, which thousands of people know already. We are making solid 3rd party developer partnerships for devs to integrate their technologies easily into their dapp to get their ideas out there rapidly. Dapps can be monetized from day 1.

Just to add, you can find our open source dapp store on our github account, which anyone can clone, run locally, stand up and get building. It is completely decentralized and anyone can spin up their own version even, change the design, make it their own. At its core, it has all the infrastructure to scale and start gathering dapps.

What’s ur plan for Mass Adoption and how do u see hydro in coming years ?


We see mass adoption through white labeling of our products by enterprises in unbanked areas. While most tokens tackling the unbanked are just simply tokens on blockchains competing with Bitcoin, we are actually building infrastructure and products to actually make headway in these unbanked regions… starting with Africa, SE Asia, and S. America.


Mass adoption typically doesn’t come from the protocol level, which is the infrastructure of what we’ve created, but allows for anyone to build and release products for users to interact with.

On the product layer, we have 3 products at Hydro Labs:
Hydro Pay
Hydro Vault
Hydro Drive

we have some pretty hefty GTM pilots for these-
One of which is in the US where we will initially be used as the PPM (preferred payment method) in 500 stores in the US in 2020, and will be building up from there.

As @marcco_1 mentioned, we are also pushing into Africa SEA, and South America as a part of how we can license our products to enterprises and companies in those areas, who then offer it to their users.

How do u convince ur investors to hold hydro for long terms in terms of investment ?

What’s ur plan to increase hydro value ?


Haha, this is always an interesting topic people bring up in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. The token is not a security. It is a utility, so you would be using it within the ecosystem that is being developed. As more users, companies, and people are interacting within it, comes with more utility and people requiring to use it, as required by the smart contracts.

I’ll let that be food for thought.

If you are asking for a specific answer, you would be investing into an ecosystem with a utility token. Not a company, or people. That’s the beauty of why we have underlying protocols because they sustain the value of everything built on top of it 😃

For example, the Ethereum network is extremely valuable as you have companies, projects, and developers building on it, giving the whole network and ecosystem value.

As more developers, companies and enterprises are building on our protocols, or licensing/using the tech built with it, that creates a more vast ecosystem, and brings more value to the protocols.

I was reading about project, just wanted to know how you guys are managing your funding?


Never raised a dime haha. Tokens aren’t meant to have funds raised for them. That makes them a security- e.g. if you do an ICO, that makes them a security. Only one that has done it compliantly is Blockstack to my knowledge

We are in the process of going through the steps to go through an equity round at the product level though, which keeps everything compliant.this is part of our relationship with Republic, and why that relationship will really bolster our company, and help bring the products we have built (utilizing the token and smart contracts) to people all over the globe.

And you have to remember we are just one company building, we have another company building, who is post-rev, and with various clients. We’re definitely on the right track to adoption.

Whether you like it or not, we’re going to be around for years to come lol.


Is Hydro developer-friendly? Which types of benefits Hydro provide to developers? Which industries Hydro services are useful?


Great question. Hydro has a great developer incentive program called the HCDP program (Hydro Community Developer Program) From time to time we write up requirements, post them as bounties to our github, and allow community devs to aplly for the task. Once aplications are closed, we research and vet each applicant to determine who is best for the task – consider things like skillset, who has developed before to keep decentralisation in mind and more.) once tasks are assigned, we work with the dev to keep on track with the deliverables. Once deliverables have been handed off bounty is given. It has been a very successful developer program. Outside of creating dozens of smart contracts, plugins, and libraries, we had a community agency build a whole protocol to expand the ecosystem, along with a sizable bounty. We have lots of oppotunities to get involved. 🙂

Q-1 Revenue is an important aspect for all projects in order to survive and keep the project/company up and running for long term, what are the ways that Hydro generates profits/revenue and what is its revenue model?


We will be generating revenue through our products we are releasing- Hydro Pay, Vault, and Drive.

Revenue can be generated via any product built on top of the protocols. So, if you had a business idea, you could easily jump start development on it and build it on top of the smart contracts we already offer, making it easier for you to deploy it.

Q-2 I see hydro distibuted 222,222 and 444,444 hydrotoken airdrop in 2018 what’s logic behind that airdrop? why you did that big airdrop do you think airdrop hunters dumped on market?


Well, the people who sold their tokens are free to. The tokens when distributed were worthless. they are a utility token for an ecosystem. Now, they are traded, have value, and can be used within products that are built and developed. But ya, basically all the airdroppers who you don’t want to attract already sold and moved on haha

Whats the RainDrop Authentication of Hydro Project & How it works ? Can you explain How much Secure is Raindrop Authentication of Hydro Project ?



Raindrop is our authentication protocol. You’re welcome to read the WP here:
Or, if you’re a dev, you can review the code here:

It’s a blockchain based authentication protocol that helps protect people from phishing, sim-swaps, and is a virutally impossible process to hack. It operates in the opposite manner of GA/Authy, which haven’t been updated in nearly 4-5 years.

Just one question from me. how do you form a solid community ?? because there are so many projects out there, but most of them fail to form a good project and community. they only think about themselves, so your job is to convince all your community that your project is really good to follow, can I know how you do it?

Community is so important. I can’t reinforce this enough. We try to be every transparent with our community and welcome feedback and constructive criticism. Our developer program has really built a strong foundation for that because its a win/win/win. Its a win for the developer as they get a bounty for their contribution, its a win for the community because it builds it stronger, and its a win for the ecosystem as it extends the hydro highway. We try to be transparent where we can, and we are super active. We are in TG and our socials basiclly all day. If you have a question, you get an answer. That is hard to find some times, and can be quite frustrating when there is radio scilence. We really like to get the community involved to buld it stronger.

Most of the investor just focus on the price of token in short term instead of real value of project. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to hydro token long term?


From day one, we have been focused on building quality products, building quality relationships and extending the ecosystem. We are laser focused on getting things done and not letting the noise of the market get in the way. BUIDL BUIDL BUIDL!

What are some of the best and worst experiences you have encountered upon taking this project and make this as your step to become successful?


Best experiences? Wow, there are so many. In my earlier years as a developer,.. once it clicked, that with code, you could create something from absolutely nothing,.. I realized anythign was possible. Now today, taking that information and building a solid team around that, taking that idea and bring it to live then getting it in the hands for thousands? millions to use is something like no other. Worst experiences? I can say, I have not had a bad experience here. There are challenges every day don’t get me wrong, but a challenge is just opportunity for success.

Can you Explain in details about Hydro ERC-1848 Security Standards ? As I see in every Phase ERC-1484 standard is mentioned ! Explain ERC-1484 in Details that whats the main work & How it works in Hydro Project ? ?


Awesome question- I think you were the only person to bring this one up.

In 2018, as the team was building out the ecosystem we were looking at iterations of identity management on Ethereum. the two main ones are ERC-725 and ECR-1056. You might be more familiar with 725, while 1056 was created by uPort. We were looking at these, and saw a big disconnect with what we were building. None of those identity management standards enable for an ecosystem. for example, identities have difficulty interacting with one another, and you only have standalone identities, whether that be in a product, or ecosystem. This is why we created ERC-1484.

You can think of the centralized version of this as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. When you log into various products, you can use your “Facebook account” to log in- allowing you to have all of that data communicate.

In a decentralized world, that isn’t really the case. Data communicating with other products is key- otherwise onboarding users becomes extremely troublesome. Imagine having to create a new userID and PW, email for every product you interact with (you probably are forced to do this now already lol).

With ERC-1484, that isn’t the case. Yo uare able to have an interoperable Digital identity. This allows for data, balances, and information (e.g. attestations) to immediately communicate with products in a decentralized network—> bringing you reputation without having to create new accounts and identities with whatever you interact at the product layer.

What kind of ideas/initiatives do you have in mind that can be consolidated in the future and give a positive boost to Hydro project?


Outside of adoption for our core products PAy, Vault and Drive – anyone can get developing with the dApp store. On the consumer side, anyone can startusing those dapps. All of which move hydro as a utility around. Its a win win. Thats why we focused hard on building dev tools and solid 3rd party partners – its a place to incubate and inspire new ideas.

Can you briefly explain what’s the top three milestones that HYDRO team aims to execute before the end of the year?

Whom do you see as HYDRO biggest competitor in this space?

What is Hydro Drive ? Like as google drive🧐


  1. Release our flagship products
  2. Finish our equity round
  3. Improve people’s lives using our tech around the globe😃

We don’t necessarily have specific competitors to what we are building with our ecosystem, but there are competitors to specific protocols or products that are being released. In terms of our product lineup, we don’t see anyone else building anything close to it for payments and asset management.

Hydro Drive you can think of similar to Google Drive, but we will be using ZK cloud storage- so meaning only YOU have access to your data stored there- no one else has they key or access to it. Currently there really aren’t any decentralized FMS available. The closest might be Storj with Tardigrade or Filecoin, but the latter has a lot of development to be able to accomplish their goals.

To what extent have been the effects of the recent bearish market on Hydro platform? Have the recent poor market conditions hindered or stunted the platform’s progression and goals to be achieved in the nearest future ?


We have been heads down building and making solid partner relationships, thats just background noise 🙂.

What are team core values? What’s in your opinion the key mindset to fulfil your dreams, objectives and bring about a successful project like Hydro? Can you enlighten us on your life experience and motivations that lead you to be where you are? It must be so interesting!

Just to give you some insigt here, we are a fully remote and decentralized team. I love it. It allows us to have very diferent ideas, new perspectives and so much more. Our core values are to respect each other, welcome constructive criticism and build beautiful things. We are all over the globe and this industry does not sleep. The beauty of being from all over is, there is most likely something going on no matter the time of day, and lots of new places to visit when traveling 🙂.

Hey guys, thanks for doing this AMA.

in regards to Hydro pay, are you still hoping to utilize OMG network?

If so, you say you offer gas-less txs, are these txs with less gas usage or no gas at all? If the latter, how is this accomplished? Thanks.


We are still planning to utilize OmiseGO network at the moment, and have tested tx’s on their Lumphini Network for Hydro Pay.

Yes, we offer gasless transactions. We are the first and only product to offer that successfully in a fully non-custodial manner. This means that the end user does not have to interact with gas (paying with Ethereum) during payments.

We are able to do this using meta-tx’s. I would recommend looking into:

Meta-Transactions allow us to send the gas from an end user to a resolver, and that resolver is able to eat it. Making the end user not have to understand that when making transactions. It’s incredibly powerful IP that we have built into Hydro Pay.

I should also note, we are still doing these gasless tx’s on Plasma as well 😃.

My Question: Is there any plan to support or assist small businesses, or any businesses, that want to intergrate the use of $hydro into their operations? For example, implementing Hydro Drive at a 400-500 member Credit Union.


It depends on what the use is- that would most likely be something that would work with our enterprise side of things with Awosika. If it’s already readily available, that can just be used through our tech, or they can license it for themselves, otherwise it would need to be built.

Any technology can face difficult challenges during development, whether it’s a technical issue or a regulatory and social/political issue. What is the hardest thing you feel as a team member of hydro? Have you had a lot of development issues before bringing hydro to the public?

TIM HYDRO : Great question. This industry moves fast and that brings some challenges – especially around what we build and who we integrate with. We need to constantly be on the look out for new rules & laws in this evolving space to make sure we are compliant. Another important aspect is technologies we integrate with. We need to do our homework and make sure the technology we introduce into our products will also be around for a while. So outside of being heads down on our own code, we are quite selective on what we integrate with to build muscle to our products.

Q: How does Hydro ‘s revenue system work?
Q:what are some of Hydro’s greatest breakthroughs in blockchain?
Q:Can you describe some real-life usecases for Hydro?


  1. There is a difference between revenue at an ecosystem and product level.

Companies and products can generate revenue. Protocols can not, but they are the core for building an ecosystem. You need to have protocol development, otherwise you are forced to rely on just one company for development.

Anyone can build products on our protocols and generate revenue similar to what we are doing.

  1. Well, one of the ones we are proud of is creating the newest digital identity standard for Ethereum, and created the first and only interoperable digital identity on Ethereum. We were the first to create gasless transactions to occur live on Ethereum.
  2. For tokenomics, let me grab that for you 😃.

Hydro is a layer two ecosystem built on top of the ethereum blockchain (layer one) as a series of smart contracts. The HYDRO token is required to call functions on these Smart Contract and build products in the Hydro ecosystem, and as such the Hydro token has multiple uses across the ecosystem.


In server-side Raindrop, this takes the form of an on-chain micro transaction, that must be conducted in Hydro, before access to a system is granted.

In Client-side Raindrop, any party that wishes to onboard users into the Hydro ecosystem by creating HydroID’s, must maintain a balance of Hydro ensuring that they will be good actors within the ecosystem.


In order for a Smart Contract to be able to be set as a resolver, it needs to pay a fee in Hydro. Since Snowflake acts as a passport for identification information, the HYDRO token is a gateway fee, allowing dApps into the network and streamlining user interactions.

The HYDRO token is not only intended to be a gateway into the ecosystem of resolvers built on top of Snowflake, but also a centerpiece for convenient programmatic token transfers between users and resolvers. Snowflake allows users to set specific allowances so that resolvers can withdraw HYDRO, with limits on allowed withdrawals set on a per-resolver basis.

More specifically, Snowflake provides a powerful set of tools for dApp developers to easily monetize their products.


Tokens are used in core functions of the protocol, such as document stamping – to incentivise good actors, and sealing – to hold documents in escrow. Tokens can also be used in dApps to integrate with document signing software. Finally, tokens can be used in a notary dApp, as a staking mechanism, to encourage only the highest quality notaries.


The movement of HYDRO tokens as a payment solution is perhaps the most simple and most common use case in the Hydro ecosystem; however, there are many other applications of the Hydro token within Tide, including:

Subscription: When a user wants to pay for a subscription or recurring payment for something, they will use HYDRO tokens to pay the service providers, whether on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual, etc. basis

Interest: HYDRO tokens can be held in escrow for interest payments, helping to prevent fraud

Coupon: POS companies and businesses can use the coupon smart contract to give discounts on purchases using HYDRO in brick and mortar or e-commerce marketplaces

Remittance: ability to send money to anyone around the world by using HYDRO

Lottery: Smart contract for random number generator where the reward is paid out using HYDRO

Invoicing: Companies can create invoices and charge payments in HYDRO on a certain date, and request a specific amount

Gift Cards: Brick and Mortar and e-commerce stores can preload a certain amount of HYDRO and tie it to a user’s Snowflake, which can be used to purchase physical or digital goods

The HYDRO token is the driving force behind Tide and is essential to all payments through the Hydro Ecosystem. Encouraging massive business adoption means HYDRO can become an accepted form of payment globally, especially in markets with large unbanked populations. This will lead to lower fees, faster economic growth, and higher standards of living for many lower income business owners.


The Hail protocol combines all of the above token uses from Raindrop, Snowflake, and Tide to allow for the most robust security tokenization protocol. Enables for Dividend payments to Snowflake wallet holders in HYDRO from admin pro-rata. For different HST’s HYDRO tokens can be kept in an escrow smart contract within the ERC-1484 of the issuer until the offering is closed. If conditions in legal aren’t met, those HYDRO tokens are able to be released back to the ERC-1484 ID of the subscriber.

Hydro vault is a wallet I’m really excited about, also I want to ask if it is possible to utilize this tech for exchanges since it is supposedly very safe so if I’m not trading and I want to leave my coins for a long time on an exchange I can have peace of mind.


Yup of course! We’re going to be looking to license or just offer it this out to various exchanges to store user funds in a cold wallet. Once we get it tested and live, we’ll start to push that.

On which type of Businesses or Market you’re primarily Focusing on ?


DeFi baby! We see this industry growing exponentially, and are looking to be at the forefront for innovation and adoption.

Whats the RainDrop Authentication of Hydro Project & How it works ? Can you explain How much Secure is Raindrop Authentication of Hydro Project ?


So Raindrop takes 2FA and puts it on the blockchain. It is an extremely secure way to handle multi factor authentication. We have community developed plugins for WordPress and other major platforms which as a site owner could implement today, using those free tools.

There are shown many risk about purchasing holding ,or using hydro tokens.. so we should buy it or not? And if yes then how can we safely use that ? And does any improvement is done by hydro team for those risks?


This isn’t anything specific to Hydro. At the end of the day, you need to trust and be cautious of how you interact with and hold your tokens. Vault will enable the piece of mind here – giving the user the amount of security they want to add. We have multiple layers and functionality a holder can add to lock up their tokens.

I have heard of Layer 2, Plasma , side chains etc, but Hydro has gone beyond and has layer – 3?


Sure. So when you are looking at our ecosystem there are various parts to it:

Layer 1- ethereum
Layer 2- Hydro
Layer 3- dApps/Apps
Layer 4- APIs

We are essentially a layer 2 platform enabling people to build any type of identity driven app, dApp, API, or smart contract.

We are probably the only project operating on Ethereum with low level infrastructure allowing for products to be built on any vertical. This is thanks to our core protocol called Snowflake, which is our digital identity management protocol. This allows you to build products in verticals like payments, defi, SCM, asset management and tokenization of portfolios, gaming, entertainment, etc.

As I’ve mentioned many times, we’re creating an ecosystem, not a siloed chamber that many projects are creating. We have created an open framework for developers to build.

Will token usage happen in Q1?


Be on the lookout for an announcement on additional token utility and usage tomorrow, courtesy of our very own, @mitdralla.


Yes! We have an exciting preview of a dapp for our Hydro dApp Store tomorrow. It will allow anyone to participate in contributing to the utility of Hydro.

Hi hydro team, what do you think are the biggest usability obstacles that Network currently faces? How can it be improved to make it widely available?

I want to ask about the development of the hydro for two or three years. Why hasn’t it been applied on a large scale? What restricts its development?

Well, it’s not what’s really restricting us. We’re looking to build the ecosystem. there are companies who have already integrated some of the solutions that are being developed at the enterprise level.

You might be familiar with Hydrogen Platform, and their API they’re developing which is called Molecule.

They currently have deals with TD Bank, Oracle, and most recently partnered with Mastercard.

Their API was added to the Oracle marketplace, are going to be working directly with Mastercard, and have TD Bank as a client.

Pieces are definitely being put into place to make the ecosystem flourish. We don’t want to be focusing on the price of a digital asset, but rather creating utility for it and let the secondary market chose for themselves. We don’t have the capital to manipulate and fake the price. All of the growth with what we have built has been entirely organic.

Hydro has some great tech and more on the way. But the days are passé in crypto when you could take an ‘If you build it they will come’ approach. Does Hydro have interested partners and businesses that are actively looking at integrating the tech? If so, what can you tell us about them? If not, what’s the plan there?


Yes, we’re chatting with some companies already who are interested in what we’re building. don’t want to share too much info about that since nothing is signed. Once we can share info, we can.

Q.What is the roadmap for over the next six months and 12 months?
Q.What kind of use cases or challenges hydro looking to solve?


We have products we are working to release, and will continue pushing new versions and functionalities into them. I believe Marco touched on this already earlier in the AMA. In reality, we are looking to bring more users into the ecosystem, and bring more financial instruments for people around the globe to have access to.

One of the competitive advantages of hydro is the Dev team who assures speedy developments of different functionalities on hydro ecosystem. I’d like to know more about your team. Were there any significant challenges that your team encountered in the past?

MARK A : Working with a fully decentralized team can definitely have it’s ups and downs.

Communication always has to be of utmost importance. As we are a startup, we have a lot of work that people require, and many of whom have families and needed to step down. It stinks, but it’s very understandable. We’ve never been funded for salaries, so we are doing this because we are passionate about it, and see the value we are bringing into the world. We don’t really get a living salary- were a startup, so that’s common in this industry. Many of the people working from ICOs are given incredible salaries and are doing it mainly because they are getting a paycheck and because it’s fun. We do it because we love it, and live it, and breathe it. That mentality typically leads to success.

And how to apply for a Job at Hydro? What tech or progrmming skills are needed?


We’re always open to getting devs to build, and you can be rewarded for building different things if you’d like. Depends on what your skillset is.

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230 cr
230 Cr has been interested in the cryptocurrency since 2017 when his friend introduced him to bitcoin .Interested by the bitcoin technology and suffering from centralised banking system he then decided to pursue his career in this space .

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