PumaPay to move its operations to the Binance Smart Chain – The Paypers


PumaPay, a cryptocurrency payment solution, has announced the upcoming launch of V3.0, which moves its operations from Ethereum to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The move to BSC includes the introduction of a bridge between the two networks, enabling the use of a wider set of token and cryptocurrency for payments, and opening new liquidity pools with automatic swaps.

PumaPay uses the PullPayment Protocol that alternates the peer-to-peer system of crypto payments from a push to a pull protocol. PullPayment affords merchants capabilities such as recurring billing. The new platform on BSC will offer a host of new opportunities to customers and users on the Binance Smart Chain.

Using PumaPay’s token (PMA) as a mediation coin, merchants will be able to select a settlement currency of their choice for each billing model, while users will have the option to subscribe with various tokens that are supported by BSC. To support a wider number of cryptocurrencies for payments, PumaPay is introducing liquidity pools to enable swaps between PumaPay’s token and other cryptocurrencies. 

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