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Yahoo Finance’s Zack Guzman joined Yahoo Finance Live to recap day 1 of the Bitcoin 2021 conference.

Video Transcript

JARED BLIKRE: The Bitcoin 2021 Conference in Miami is now wrapping its very first day. A couple more to come. But we’re going to send it down to Zack Guzman, who has all the details for us. Zack, what did we learn today about Bitcoin?

ZACK GUZMAN: You know, Jared, we learned quite a bit. It was an interesting day. We’ve been here all day since 9:00 when this thing got kicked off. We’re going to be here tomorrow as well, taping some segments here for us on Yahoo Finance. But really, I mean, a lot of the discussions we had coming into this centered around Elon Musk as well, in terms of his impact on where prices have been moving. He was tweeting last night with the heartbreak emoji talking about, you know, his relationship with Bitcoin here potentially around that. People were speculating that he might be selling potentially around that, too.

But it’s something that was top of mind for a lot of people here at the conference, including the first guest we had kicking us off today, the CEO of Celsius Network, Alex Mashinsky, weighing in on why crypto doesn’t need Elon Musk. Once again, take a listen.

ALEX MASHINSKY: The line is around the block. There’s over 5,000 people trying to get in here this morning. So anyone who’s worried about where Bitcoin is going just has to get an aerial shot of what’s happening here in Miami. Like I said before, I don’t think– Elon is a tourist in crypto, right? He’s here to collect followers. I don’t think he’s here to make the world a better place. And we can– we’re going to go to where we’re going with Elon or without Elon.

ZACK GUZMAN: Yeah, to be fair, you know, we’ve seen price movements around Elon Musk’s tweets. So to say that he doesn’t have any impact, obviously, wouldn’t necessarily be true. But when you talk to people on the ground here at the Bitcoin conference, it is clear that a lot of people are digging more into the technology, the improvements we’ve seen, the adoption that we’ve seen, not just from retail investors, but institutional investors here as well. And that has not dampened any of the enthusiasm, any of the excitement.

We even heard from Anthony Pompliano, one of those voices here who was speaking with the Winklevoss twins, talking about how even though prices came down more than 30% in the month of May, that he is more bullish than ever. And that has been pretty much the key sentiment down here in Miami. We’re going to have much more about, you know, the other people jumping in at these levels.

One key demographic that we did promise we would give an update on– it turns out, Jared, a lot more guys down here in Miami. Maybe a lot more guys in the crypto world. A lot of people were remarking that it’s rare to see the men’s bathroom line much longer. There were no female bathroom lines here at all. Just hop right in, from some of our female guests pointing that out as well. But we’ll have much more coverage here. We’re going to be interviewing more. We’ll roll these out on Monday with Kevin O’Leary and Mike Novogratz, who I like to call the Warren Buffett of crypto. But an interesting day one down here in Miami, guys.

JARED BLIKRE: Yeah, it sounds that way, and not surprised to hear about the gender ratio, especially I was in the very first Bitcoin Conference 2013– same story there. Zack Guzman, thank you. We’re looking forward to those interviews on Monday.

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