Russia’s hockey group KHL And Binance to launch NFT cards – EconoTimes


Popular Russia-based pro sports league Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) is launching an NFT marketplace dubbed to give fans a new way to enjoy the sport and connect with players.

The is developed exclusively on the Binance NFT marketplace. would offer the first large hockey NFT series.

The league features teams in Russia, Belarus, Finland, Latvia, China, and Kazakhstan.

KHL’s NFT cards, which will be launched via mystery boxes on Sept. 27, will have different levels of rarity ranking as platinum, gold, silver, and bronze.

The cards will feature championship photos, team mascots, video fragments, KHL related moments, and former and current National Hockey League players that came from the KHL.

According to KHL Vice President Sergey Dobrokhvalov, their digital assets are not mere cards showing memorable hockey moments that can be purchased on the marketplace but is also a whole system for collecting, selling, and playing.

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