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MANHATTAN, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 10, 2021 / Millions of cryptocurrency tokens have been launched into the world since they were first introduced in 2009. However, even with its massive success, only a few tokens are proactively impacting communities by directly redistributing what they generate back to the people. Save the World is changing the narrative by being one of the pioneering impacting investing tokens on the Binance Smart Chain.

Having donated over $2.2 million to worthy charities worldwide over the last six months alone, Save the World is setting the bar higher for token creators in the cryptocurrency landscape. In addition, the company has distributed a significant portion of its earnings to organizations worldwide catering to various causes, including the American Cancer Society, Act Now Africa, the Nelson Mandela Children’s Foundation, and more.

Save the World has also been actively donating to organizations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has donated over $1.7 million to COVID-19 relief in India, which was used to support medical professionals and COVID-19 patients with PPEs, ventilators, and other medical supplies for hospitals across India, which was heavily affected by the global health crisis.

Furthermore, Save the World donated $50,000 to a mission to build a school in Ghana and provide for students who are not financially capable of covering tuition fee placements. The project is targeted to commence in September of 2022.

The token has given $60,000 to Act Now Africa, an organization that fights against gender-based violence. The donation will be used to provide shelter to gender-based violence victims, rebuild schools to extreme poverty-stricken areas, and distribute food across the continent.

Save the World has also donated over $80,000 to the American Cancer Society to aid with the organization’s research efforts. The cryptocurrency token has further benefited the Eden Reforestation Project and the Real Life Superhero Project, which helps people in shelters and soup kitchens. In commemoration of Shawn Mkhize’s 30th year in business, Save the World also helped the 2020 International Woman of the Year to build 30 houses to give away to her community.

“Before Save the World, there weren’t any impact investing tokens that wanted to help people,” shared the founders. “With the billions of dollars going through crypto every day, we wanted to capture some of those funds to give to those who desperately need it. At the same time, we are also educating people about crypto and all the good it can do, giving it a better reputation to those who know little about it.”

Having such a profound mission statement behind its drive to become one of the leading tokens in the Binance Smart Chain, Save the World has attracted and gained endorsements from some of today’s most prominent individuals.

By entering Save the World’s ecosystem, cryptocurrency investors are directly contributing to impactful efforts worldwide, making the token even more valuable than others. Save the World aims to expand its reach from the crypto space to gain support from mainstream investors across different fields in the coming years.

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