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Every investor is out to make money, but 2022 hasn’t been the best for crypto traders. So far, the market has shrunk by a massive $1.4 trillion. In some instances, the bearish markets wiped out entire investments. Even risk-averse traders who opt for stablecoins were hit hard when LUNA collapsed mid-year. So, is there a worthwhile investment in 2022?

A successful crypto project provides rich utility for its native token and demonstrates resilience amid extreme volatility. One project has attracted the attention of crypto experts following a strong presale performance. Top coin analysts highlight SmarterWorx as the go-to project for investors. In its ongoing ICO, the project has already sold 80% of its $ARTX tokens slotted for the first presale stage. 

What is SmarterWorx?

SmarterWorx is a decentralized protocol featuring a cryptocurrency backed by real-world artwork. Despite the backing, SmarterWorx’s $ARTX token remains an ordinary cryptocurrency and not a stablecoin. These assets specifically sustain $ARTX’s value when crypto prices fall sharply. So, holders can rest easy knowing that $ARTX isn’t susceptible to volatility in crypto markets.

SmarterWorx has scaled its art collection to allow retail investors to own pieces of artwork through fractionalized NFTs (F-NFTs). Before, only institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals could afford expensive artwork. Now, SmarterWorx hunts for high-potential physical artwork from talented artists. Then, the platform securely stores the collected art pieces, insures, and mints NFTs for them. These NFTs are fractionalized, and bits are sold affordably to investors.

As SmarterWorx’s native token, $ARTX facilitates protocol transactions. Users pay fees, including buy-and-sell taxes, using $ARTX. Further, the crypto is hyper-deflationary. 50% of earnings from flipped artworks are used in the SmarterBurn, a process to buy back and burn $ARTX from circulating supply. $ARTX also has a capped supply of 1 billion tokens.

How Does SmarterWorx Compare to Cardano and Binance Coin?

Cardano is an open-source blockchain protocol built for high performance and energy efficiency. The protocol boasts peer-reviewed architecture, a powerful proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, and enhanced scalability. Its native token, $ADA, has substantial utility, given its popularity for developing dApps. $ADA has dipped 70% in 2022.

Binance Coin ($BNB) is among the tokens with the highest utility. The token is native to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and facilitates transactions on the largest centralized exchange by trading volume, Binance. Also, $BNB facilitates network transactions on BSC, Binance DEX, and other BSC dApps. $BNB has plunged 40% in 2022.

SmarterWorx is similar to Cardano and Binance Coin, as all projects focus on creating more utility for their native tokens. This way, demand for $ARTX increases over time, ensuring the token’s value soars gradually. SmarterWorx adds another layer of security and stability to $ARTX by backing the token with valuable physical artwork.


Analysts indicate SmarterWorx’s impressive ICO Performance should be noticed. $ARTX has massive growth potential when it fully launches. In context, the average benefits accrued to investment in contemporary art is 13.8%, exceeding the S&P 500, real estate, and Gold. Based on this performance, art-focused DeFi platforms like the pioneering SmarterWorx will grow to the top of crypto rankings as more investors join the art and SmarterWorx community. $ARTX is trading at $0.003 for the first presale session, and its launch price is estimated at $0.035. That’s a 1000% + gain that smart money will invest in.

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