Some pit stops before crypto, as a whole, takes off… perhaps for BINANCE:DOGEPERP by Elijah144

Here I have Dogecoin within a descending triangle formation, which has the ability to be quite bullish or quite bearish . According to the fibs on the chart, and for the other previous runs within the channel Doge has been in since late last year, each bull run comfortably reached the fib range of 3 to 3.272; this would put us anywhere from around $16 to $30 by the end of Doge’s next run. As for the peaks of the next run, Doge has been fond of double peaking, so it’s in my hypothesis that we could hit $16 drop by around ~50%, then go towards ~$28 before entering a bearish reversal. Since it’s beginning, Doge has simultaneously ran with BTC and essentially simultaneously peaked with BTC , so I expect for this to unfold whenever BTC decides to stop being a tease. I easily see BTC reaching six digits, and, very likely, over $200k by the end of its current cycle. Doge Will not mess with surpassing BTC in market cap, nor is it crazy to see a roughly $3.7 trillion market cap Doge, at least to me. And I most definitely believe there is plenty of money to easily make this happen, so, in my honest opinion, all of what I have laid forth is sound to me, perhaps it isn’t to you, but so be it. Finally, I think it’s in all likeliehood that we drop to as low as approx 18 to 19 cents before Doge decides to go back up, but we may not; we shall wait and find out. I think fib times are super fun to use, therefore I don’t have much of a reason for it to be on my chart other than to see if it correlates in the future with anything, but the first fib time 3 does nicely line up with the potential breaking down to the 18 cent area, and the second fib time 3 could be for the upwards breaking to the next ATH . As for fib time 5, according to my personal bias on the future moment of Doge, it would nicely aline with a bearish reversal in price after said ATH .

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