Something BIG Is About to Happen in Metaverse | OneRare

Something BIG Is About to Happen in Metaverse | OneRare

Shash is joined by Supreet and Saransh to discuss Onerare, whose mission is to foodify the blockchain & crypto space and bring the global food industry to web3 for the first time.

With OneRare and its metaverse you can:

– Claim NFTs from your favorite chefs, brands & restaurants
– Access culinary & social food experiences
– Battle & earn in our gaming zone
– swap NFTs for real meals


Supreet Raju
CEO and Co-Founder, OneRare

Saransh Goila
Co-Founder, Goila Butter Chicken

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0:00 Introduction to OneRare
1:26 Saransh’s Metaverse and NFT journey
4:15 Are you a Bitcoin or Altcoin investor?
5:10 The Food Metaverse
7:41 Blockchain Applications
8:44 Technology Challenges
11:50 Metamask and Crypto Wallets
12:50 Building a 3D Food World
15:10 Practical NFT Challenges
16:17 The New Restaurant Industry
18:01 Crypto Payments


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