SRMUSDT : SERUM on deck? for BINANCE:SRMUSDT by CryptoZani

*NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE: This idea IMO for personal use only*


An update from my last chart dated 15/Sep:

Still very bullish on this one and continues to be a long-term hold strategy.

Has the potential to do another Solana since it’s their DEX exchange and built on their technology.

At the time of charting this it ranks #91 on coinmarketcap which is a jump from #125 on charting, and an increase of market cap to $966.2M from $511M on last charting.

$SRM is a DEX with eco system said to be much Faster, Cheaper and more powerful than DeFi. Designed around a fully on-chain central order book and matching engine.

It’s the ONLY high performance DEX to exist at the time of writing this. *Read that again*

One to watch. For now, I have just bought a small hold bag and have set some buy orders for lower too as I’m expecting some further pull back before the next leg up ( DCA ). Defo staying bullish & watching this one.

Using naked price action analysis:

? ATH , Volume , Fib confluence zones and levels, bullish descending and flag formations

? For Trading: Suggested Entry, SL & Exit points are my theory only.

? For Holding: Since this is a hold strategy / bag-set-and-forget strategy, I will DCA along the way on dips only, so any entry is a good entry.

? Currently available on Binance, Uniswap, Sushiswap, Serum Dex. Head over to CoinMarketCap for full details of listed markets and tokenomics metrics. Only use the contract address officially listed on their website or on CMC , *be wary of scam listings elsewhere*

As always, watch for volume . Do your own research, check on-chain data. Always be watching BTC .

This is not Financial Advice.

Good chat.?

Previous Chart 15/Sep:

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