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A young guy began building applications to monetise newly emerged cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others in 2015 when the world witnessed a rise in them.

Successfully working on Ethereum since 2015, Anique Hashmani is a blockchain developer and the owner of Bitasia. Six years ago, when people were relatively unaware of blockchain and its applications, Anique started investing in a monetary Blockchain architecture platform, for which he was sternly scolded by his parents and relatives. Now, Anique Hashmani, the brain behind cryptocurrency scanning applications, is a millionaire in his 30s and has established a reputation in the programming world. Working with Web3 and Python has made him a crypto circuit gliding powerhouse. His professional life has revolved around working on Ethereum platforms and providing the best apps.

Currently residing in Saitama, Japan, Anique has a widespread client base across the globe. His consumers from far away areas like Morocco, the U.S., Canada, Germany, and Holland, consult with him over social media apps like Telegram.

Anique began counselling his friends and family to invest in several alternative currencies after making millions for himself. He has done that by working on projects based on Python Web and Solidity. But his journey to earn millions of dollars was halted due to a sudden event.

Anique’s belongings, home, and automobile were all taken away in a sudden market crash in 2018. Unfazed, he got back on his feet to reclaim his position. He worked on new platforms in 2019 to launch his first project, which rocketed him back to his former stature. He gained millions once again thanks to his scanner software, which predicts fresh contracts to be issued on integrated architecture platforms for financial applications. Anique began developing scanners to detect the creation of new contracts based on the Blockchain ecosystem.

Anique’s revenues quadrupled, and money began to stream in.

Bitasia was founded in 2020, and it was recently funded by a venture capital firm. His decision to invest in the applications he designed for other crypto platforms paid off in the long run. His investors now see him with respect and are willing to invest in cryptocurrency to increase their fortune.

Who else can understand this better than Anique who has minted money with what he does best—programming. Truly, Anique’s story is as unique as it can be.

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