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Cham, Switzerland–(Newsfile Corp. – June 12, 2021) – One of the most talked-about topics around the world of finance and e-commerce today is cryptocurrency. From Multi Billionaires like Elon Musk to common citizens, more or less everyone is speaking of the same. With some of the famous names coming out like Bitcoins, Etherium, Dogecoin, multiple crypto mining centers have been built around the globe for these purposes. But, to bring about an ethical revolution in the world of Cryptocurrency, a new concept of Caizcoin came into being in 2020.

Built in Germany, Caiz, synonymous with “Jaiz,” came from the Arabic word that translates to “Halal,” meaning something legal or permissible. Caizcoin was introduced to satisfy the intrinsic and real interests of investors. Caizcoin, the first liberal Islamic decentralized blockchain, has the concept to help both investors and customers from modern financial evils such as gambling, exploitation, financial fraud, money scams, etc. With its headquarters in Switzerland, Caizcoin holds AG-7 office globally to provide the best finance services to the users. Since the world is more focused on fraudulent practices of earning money by phishing illicitly, Caizcoin will provide the necessary oxygen to small investors and abolish the financial evils of interest, mortgage, and many more.

Due to all the Islamic ethical rules of finances kept in mind while developing Caizcoin, Islamic banking networks are expected to witness more significant growth in the Asian, Western and African countries. The developers claim that their innovation will give users maximum security. Also, they expect to update and add many technical advancements making Caiz suitable for every investor. Caiz believed that it laid the stepping stone for future Islamic cryptocurrencies that Islamic laws will purely follow.

They work together intending to help digital solutions and provide users with better and faster finance services. The team operates from 7 different offices worldwide. Caiz is so developed that it earned itself a “Fatwa certificate” from the council of Islamic experts.

Caizcoin is not like other cryptocurrencies. Since it is developed on ethics and morality, it is special. It serves its purpose to hold money and distribute it among individuals so that they can use it effectively for their purpose. Developers urge investors to not get misled by the name and background. But instead to look at the benefits and the core principles upon which it is made. Because it is made upon sacred concepts it has nothing but good to offer. Developers of Caiz clearly mentioned that this coin will not be developed, supported, and backed by any centralized means, but instead, the entire concept revolves around the decentralized medium of blockchain technology which will make it even more secure and untouchable to financial evils.

Developers said that “collaborators wishing to attain the ownership of Caiz have to go through a detailed KYC process where they will adhere to the pure Islamic principles of marketing and financing.” Caiz will offer its investors free threshold limits, where they will be benefited from zero free transactions up to specific limits.

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