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( THETAUSD 1W Chart) – Mid-Long-Term Perspective

Above the 1.9172981 point: the uptrend expected to continue

Above 4.3357882 point: Expected to create a new wave.

(1D chart)

First resistance zone: near 6.4637041

Second resistance section: 8.6007292-9.6692416

Support section: 3.2581665-4.3266790

We need to break above the first resistance zone and see if we can find support above the 6.9164138 point.

If not, you need to check whether the price is maintained in the range 4.3266790-6.4637041.

If the price declines from the support zone , a short-term Stop Loss is required as further declines may occur.

However, it may touch near the 1.9172981 point and rebound, so you should think about how to react.

To accelerate the uptrend, it needs to rise above the second resistance section.


( THETABTC 1W Chart) – Mid-Long-Term Perspective

Above the 0.0000405-0.0000523 section: expected to continue uptrend

(1D chart)

Resistance section: near point 0.0001237

Support period: 0.0000671-0.0000860

If you look at the chart of the BTC market, you can see to some extent whether the price can rise when the BTC price moves sideways after it rises.

When the BTC price rises, the price of the tokens traded in the BTC market naturally decreases.

However, tokens that show support in a certain section of the BTC market token price or show an upward trend are more likely to show a sharp rise when the BTC price moves sideways.

If you look at the THETABTC 1D chart from this point of view, it is maintaining a downtrend, so when the altcoin bull market starts, there is a high probability that the price will rise in the second order.

Among the indicators used in my chart, there are indicators that can confirm the trend, but I think that by checking the chart of the BTC market like this, you can see the trend more accurately.


We recommend that you trade with your average unit price.

This is because, if the price is below your average unit price, whether it is in an uptrend or in a downtrend, there is a high possibility that you will not be able to get a big profit due to the psychological burden.

The center of all trading starts with the average unit price at which you start trading.

If you ignore this, you may be trading in the wrong direction.

Therefore, it is important to find a way to lower the average unit price and adjust the proportion of the investment, ultimately allowing the funds corresponding to the profits to regenerate themselves.

———————————————————— —————————————————–

** All indicators are lagging indicators.

Therefore, it is important to be aware that the indicator moves accordingly with the movement of price and volume .

However, for the sake of convenience, we are talking in reverse for the interpretation of the indicator.

** The MRHAB-O and MRHAB-B indicators used in the chart are indicators of our channel that have not yet been released.

(Because it is not public, you can use this chart without any restrictions by sharing this chart and copying and pasting the indicators.)

** The wRSI_SR indicator is an indicator created by adding settings and options to the existing Stochastic RSI indicator.

Therefore, the interpretation is the same as the traditional Stochastic RSI indicator. (K, D line -> R, S line)

** The OBV indicator was re-created by applying a formula to the DepthHouse Trading indicator, an indicator disclosed by oh92. (Thanks for this.)

** Support or resistance is based on the closing price of the 1D chart.

** All descriptions are for reference only and do not guarantee a profit or loss in investment.

(Short-term Stop Loss can be said to be a point where profit and loss can be preserved or additional entry can be made through split trading. It is a short-term investment perspective.)