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Tony Hawk says he bought Bitcoin back in 2012 and that he has held on to most of it since.

During the Bitcoin 2021 Conference in Miami, Tony Hawk revealed that he actually bought Bitcoin back in 2012 after hearing about the Silk Road dark web marketplace. 

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“I was reading about the chaos of silk road when that was all happening and I was fascinated with the payment component they had and it was obviously Bitcoin,” said Hawk when asked when he first encountered Bitcoin. “There was an anonymous side to it but it also just the idea that it was very fast and international and to me it was the future of finances so I immediately researched how to buy Bitcoin. I wasn’t on silk road but I did buy Bitcoin in 2012.”

Hawk said that after discovering and buying Bitcoin he simply held onto it but also gave some to charity.

“I held, pretty much. I didn’t do much with it. I was watching it obviously. I was holding on to my Bitcoin and charity water was the first charity that I knew of that accepted Bitcoin as a donation so in my infinite wisdom I gave him four back in 2012,” said Hawk.

Hawk gave some of the Bitcoin to Charity Water, a charity seeking to give those in need access to clean water.

Hawk has recently founded The Skatepark Project, a fund that creates safe and inclusive skateparks in underserved communities. The project also now accepts Bitcoin donations.

This story is developing. 

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