Hello Traders,

As I am sure you all know it has been a rather difficult time in the trading community lately with all of the FUD and Manipulation going on. That said I wanted to put out some more detailed ideas for the community as to make it a little easier for everyone to spot a better trade set up and make their day just a little easier.

This trade is for TRX or Tron. Tron is a nice platform and used by many projects, it has a fast transfer speed and is in the top 50 for market cap. An all around decent project compared to most. Here is a link to their website and their page on coin market cap for further information.

This trade idea is based on a falling wedge pattern. In which the price action has presented a bullish breakout and is currently retesting the top of the trend line of the pattern. I also noticed a bit if bullish divergence on the RSI ( Relative Strength Index ) at the bottom of this pattern. Which generally indicated the reversal of a trend.

When you are trading you want to look for confluence between multiple indicators and market structure that all tell you the same story before you decide to make a trade as this is important to your profits and risk management always. I hope this trade helps you do that just a little bit easier.

As always, have a green week!


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