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Unibright token continues to impress with steady growth

Unibright has emerged as one of the best performing cryptocurrency in the past few weeks. The crypto project has been generating quite a bit of interest recently. So much so that the UBT token has been rallying in price as traders have been snapping it up.

The token has quietly been making decent returns and this is seen with its recent ascent into the top 80 coins based on Marketcap.

Unibright seven day trading chart

Its chart in the last seven days shows the coin is on a mini bullish trend with a few oscillatory movements. As at the time of publication, UBT is valued at $0.510521 with a marketcap of $75 million.

The  Erc-20 token is one of the best performing tokens within the Ethereum ecosystem with a lifetime ROI of 246.66%.

Unibright token listed on Bittrex

It’s recent listing on popular crypto exchange Bittrex could be one of the reasons for its high liquidity in the past week.

The listing which was announced last Thursday would enable Bittrex global users to access UBT token for trading and other transactions. In addition, UBT would be offered on other Bittrex platforms such as its digital wallets and OTC trading desk.

About Unibright

Unibright is a blockchain solutions provider enabling enterprise blockchain integration, tokenization and much more. It will allow managers to use blockchain solutions in their everyday operations with little risk, while saving costs and increasing productivity and efficiency.

Unibright is designed to finally close the gap between blockchain technology and traditional business applications. The Unibright token (UBT), is an ERC-20 utility token, that serves as a voucher for the Unibright products and consulting services.

The parent company behind Unibright is based in Germany and counts tech giants Microsoft and SAP as partners. Furthermore, it has recently embarked in projects with Airline giant Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn Vertrieb.

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