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Unicef, as the United Nations Children’s Fund is popularly known, is preparing a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) to celebrate its 75th anniversary. This was announced by the organization itself this Friday, December 10 through a note of press.

In total, there will be about a thousand pieces for sale on the Ethereum network, as revealed by the agency in its statement. A portion of the NFTs will have a digital watermark in commemoration of Unicef’s anniversary, while others will arrive in the collection early next year and will be included “with different events,” the text says.

“Unicef ​​will be in charge of directly selling these digital collections through the Ethereum blockchain” in order to finance various projects with the money raised, they added.

Henrietta Fore, Executive Director of Unicef, pointed out that with this collection of NFT seek to expand their financing tools to achieve influence in the lives of more children around the world.

We need to use all the tools at our disposal to reach more children and invest in a better world, such as through new ways of raising funds and financing.

Henrietta Fore, Executive Director of Unicef.

Among the projects that will receive financing with the sales of the Unicef ​​NFTs, Giga stands out, which seeks provide Internet connection to as many schools as possible in the world.

For the NFT collection, Unicef ​​relies on the work of data visualization artist and scientist Nobodyh Bremer. The works will be conceptually related to schools and their connectivity to the network. “The NFT collection has data from more than 280,000 schools in 21 countries, and each artwork represents a subset of these schools,” says the text.

UNICEF and its relationship with cryptocurrencies

It is not the first time that Unicef ​​has been related to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains. In fact, in recent years there have been several projects of the organization that have joined the wave of cryptocurrencies.

At least since 2016, we have reviewed in CriptoNoticias approaches of the organization belonging to the UN with the world of blockchains, investing in companies in the field, their attempt to create their own cryptocurrency or the enabling of donations with cryptocurrencies for their different projects in the world.

Last year we even reported in this newspaper that UNICEF began to use cryptocurrencies to finance projects on a global scale, which included countries such as Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Guatemala; While this year they invested funds in the Ethereum cryptocurrency, ether (ETH), to promote financial education among the Argentine population.

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