Unstoppable Domains launching 8 new alt-root blockchain domains – Domain Name Wire

Company will also airdrop $100 million + for people to buy the domains with.

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Unstoppable Domains, a company that offers an alternative, blockchain-based domain name system, is releasing 8 new top level domain names.

The new domain extensions are .blockchain, .888, .wallet, .x, .bitcoin, .coin, .nft, and .dao. Unstoppable Domains recently applied for trademarks or some of these domains.

Pre-orders are now available for the domains that will be added to the Ethereum blockchain in July.

The company is giving away over $100 million of promo credits for people to buy the domains with. The credits are equal to 3x what people have spent on Unstoppable Domains’ domains, including .crypto and .zil, to date. Customers also get credits on purchases made until 9 am on June 17.

Sites using Unstoppable Domains’ domains are not on the main root that names like .com are on. Users must use a browser plugin or the Brave browser to access them.

Some of the domains will experience name collisions whenever ICANN allows new top level domains to be added unless Unstoppable beats out other applicants for the strings.