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Verasity shaping the blockchain industry with its innovative roadmap

Verasity has been taken the crypto world by storm in 2020 with the video-sharing platform expanding exponentially. The blockchain platform has evolved from a video sharing platform to providing infrastructure and tools for publishers to be able to compete and increase revenues substantially.

One way the platform has gone about business is to ruthlessly pursue its roadmap goals since its inception in 2017. Last year was a crucial one for Verasity as it successfully completed its SDK integration with major video streaming platforms including YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, Flowplayer and Katura.

This year has seen a continuation of a similar policy by Verasity as it continues to meet roadmap aims with new technical developments and partnerships. In the 1Q veracity has been able to add Google and Facebook ads to its ad stack while also integrating VRA rewards for publishers.

Verasity also successfully developed a fiat to VRA payment gateway and integrated it with its Verasity wallet. Furthermore, it has secured partnership with relevant payment processing agencies to enable purchases of VRA from credit cards.

Despite this success in the 1Q there are additional plans in store for the blockchain platform in the 2Q of the year. From its roadmap, Verasity intends to add additional games on its gamestore while integrating an effective referral system. Also, there are plans to introduce more tournaments for users and also expand marketing to the mainstream audience.

Verasity are also working on testing their platform on a new blockchain which is expected to occur in the Q3 and there are also plans to launch mobile apps during this period. While the last quarter of the year has been marked for the launch of its mainnet.

Verasity continues to attract partnerships

Verasity has been able to attract partnership from key players within the crypto industry. It has existing partnerships with BlockGroup, a consulting group for building blockchain brands and businesses. The group utilizes marketing and other community development strategies to help emerging companies build presence within the crypto space.

With popular clients like Binance, Ethereum, Zilliqa and Kyber Network, it is no surprise that the partnership with BlockGroup has resulted in soaring popularity of Verasity. Other key partners and investors include North Block Capital, Amazik and iab.

Verasity (VRA) Price

Verasity is currently valued at $0.000509 per unit and has a marketcap of $1,975,831 and a  circulatory supply of 3,881,289,143 VRA. This makes it an excellent coin to invest it as it is cheap to buy and represents a decent investment with a lot of upsides.

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