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With the advent of new-age digital assets, more and more people are allured to investing in these cryptocurrencies. Hence, to get in on the action, cryptocurrency exchanges come into the picture, which facilitates the buying, selling and trading of cryptos.

NZ investors are also charmed by these digital currencies and are increasingly opting for services of crypto exchanges.

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While there are many crypto exchanges operating in Kiwiland, one of the most popular and trusted cryptocurrency exchanges among Kiwi crypto investors is Binance.

One of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, Binance’s average daily volume accounts for nearly US$2 billion and it processes more than 1,400,000 transactions each second.

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Binance offers crypto trading platform to NZers

Launched in 2017, Binance has established itself globally, offering a wide range of services to its customers apart from crypto trading.

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It also provides NZers a gateway to cryptocurrencies.

Offering a versatile trading platform for desktop, web and mobile users, the exchange is hugely popular among its users, with its desktop platform being available for the macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

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Known for its competitive fee structure and numerous product offerings

Owing to its wide range of crypto offerings and competitive fee structure, Binance attracts many customers. It is noted that users pay a flat fee of only 0.1% while trading crypto on this exchange.

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Apart from Bitcoin and other popular altcoins like Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, and Terra, the exchange also offers several decentralised finance products and NFTs.

Moreover, it provides numerous other features like staking, P2P marketplace, and futures trading.

Round-the-clock customer support

This platform offers 24X7 customer support and its website is also multilingual so as to facilitate its customers

Hence, low fees clubbed with a responsive exchange and a developing team with a proven track record have made Binance one of the most sought-after crypto trading exchanges across the world.

Bottom Line

The cryptocurrency market is marked by extreme price fluctuations. Investors must be cautious while looking to get their feet wet in this volatile crypto market.

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