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Wikipedia founder sceptical about cryptocurrency adoption on platform

The birth of cryptocurrencies represented a true revolution in the entire world affecting every aspect of our society. However, not everyone welcomes this new trend. Among these group includes the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales who is against using cryptocurrencies on the website.

Using cryptocurrencies would kill the aims of Wikipedia claims founder

Despite the immense potentials of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, there are some organisations and people who do not believe in it. Jimmy Wales founder of Wikipedia is among one of the leading proponents. 

He recently said at the London CoinGeek Conference that cryptocurrencies have no place on Wikipedia. Wales believes the use of cryptocurrencies would be detrimental to the platform. When quizzed about if content creators should be rewarded with cryptocurrencies he replied that it would be a bad idea. 

‘’This is a very bad idea. It’s an idea that doesn’t really work … If you take something that is a bad idea and put it in the blockchain, that doesn’t necessarily make it a good idea.

And, according to Wales, Wikipedia is based on the voluntary participation of people for the creation and correction of articles. So by including the possibility of monetarily rewarding content creators it would end the spirit of Wikipedia.

With the current proliferation of platforms that pay content creators such as Steemit, it remains to be seen if Wikipedia changes its policy in the nearest future. 

Crypto revolution taking over different sectors

If you had to choose the most important technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. No doubt the Blockchain would occupy an important place in the list. Well, blockchains are transforming everything around them. Influencing most sectors of society, increasing privacy, security and flexibility in data management.

Thus, thanks to the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the international financial system is experiencing a true revolution. Moving from transactions that take whole days to execute, with very high commissions, to immediate and safe operations across borders.

At the same time that companies and governments have begun to develop their own blockchains with the aim of storing sensitive information beyond the capabilities of hackers and cybercriminals.  There has also been an increasing trend of creating and testing virtual currencies by governments across the world. 

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